Career Empowering Courses by Infocredit Professional Education

Credit and Compliance risk Experts

AML Compliance and Blockchain Courses

Advanced Anti Money Laundering (AML) & Counter Terorism Financing (CTF)

Gain in-depth knowledge on the latest developments in AML/CFT and sanctions regulations.

Sanctions & Embargoes An In Depth Understanding for the Financial Sector

Master global sanctions,
safeguard your organization and protect your reputation.

Due Diligence Skills Using Online
Sources AML

Gain the essential skills to leverage online sources for comprehensive due diligence in the fight against AML.

AML and Blockchain: A Developing Relationship

A deep explanation of Blockchain Technology and how it works with AML Compliance.

Blockchain, Cryptoassets & The 5th AML Directive

Perform and apply the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive
updated provisions.

Credit Risk Management Courses

Credit Risk and Debt Collection Management

Master the skills to preserve business liquidity through structured Credit Risk and Debt Collection Management

Risk in Financial Services: Managing and Mitigating Risk Exposure

What is Risk Management and why it is important to have in place Efficient Enterprise Risk Management?

Human Resources Management and Governance Courses

Human Resources Management and Labor Law

Rights and obligations arising from the employment relationship between employers and employees.

Workplace Conflict

Cultivate a culture of trust and
optimism for conflict resolution in the workplace.

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