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AML Compliance / Information Security and Data protection / Health & Safety / Diversity & Inclusion / Performance & leadership

Stay on top of global trends through our state-of-the-art asynchronous courses. As regulations evolve, VinciWorks ensures that courses remain up-to-date with legislation and best practices.
VinciWorks cooperates with leading global organizations, ensuring that courses are in line with global best practices and regional legislation. The catalogue includes text-based courses, video training, gamified learning, adaptive learning, and more.

Benefits of enrolling:

  • Stay on top of global trends
  • Tailored to your industry and job role
  • Regular course updates
  • Easy translations
  • Multi-year learning plans
  • Different styles for different learners

Take any course or topic set at your own convenience.
All courses are available in over 30 languages.
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AML Compliance

Includes 11 Topic Areas with 207 Courses
  1. Anti money Laundering
  2. Sanctions
  3. Antibribery
  4. Conflicts of Interest
  5. Responsible Business
  6. Fraud and Fair Competition
  7. Whistleblowing
  8. Tax Evasion
  9. Modern Slavery
  10. FCA Compliance
  11. SRA Compliance

Information Security & Data protection

Includes 7 Topic Areas with 100 Courses
  1. GDPR
  2. UK GDPR
  3. Global Data Protection Best Practice
  4. US Data Privacy
  5. Information Security
  6. Cyber Security
  7. Artificial Intelligence

Health & Safety

Includes 11 Topic Areas with 124 Courses
  1. Workplace Safety
  2. Siting Posture and Lifting
  3. Safeguarding
  4. Vehicle, Plant, and Equipment Safety
  5. Hazardous Substances
  6. Fire Safety
  7. Food Safety
  8. Environmental Sustainability
  9. Specialist Environments
  10. Emergency Response
  11. Health and Safety for Duty holders

Diversity & Inclusion

Includes 7 Topic Areas with 102 Courses
  1. Diversity Awareness
  2. Promoting Respect and Inclusion
  3. Sexual Harassment
  4. Bias Awareness
  5. Problematic Behaviour
  6. Equality Legislation
  7. Supporting Working Carers

Performance & Leadership

Includes 10 Topic Areas with 135 Courses
  1. Communication
  2. Personal Effectiveness
  3. Difficult and Sensitive Conversation
  4. Maximum Performance
  5. Recruitment
  6. Customer Support / Customer Service
  7. Disciplinary and Grievance

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