Infocredit Group is delighted to invite you to the launch of Talkwalker,

the #1 Social Media Monitoring Tool,

and to the presentation

“Power of Social Listening and Analytics for the Organization”


Event Details

Zoom Platform, 29th of June 2021, 16.00-17:00 EEST

No participation fee. Registration is necessary.




Description of Presentation

The title of the presentation is “Power of Social Listening and Analytics for the Organization”.  Talkwalker, a leading social listening, and analytics company invites you to an interactive session where they’d uncover the importance of social listening for companies and brands, will give practical tips on how to implement it to your distal strategy as well as provide examples from leading brands.

Through this webinar you will learn how you can:

  • Uncover the importance of social listening for your brand.
  • Understand the impact of social media on your Brand Health
  • Monitor the competitor landscape
  • Anticipate on new trends and personalize campaigns
Social Media Analytics

Bio of Speaker

Eduard Goll Kevesic is a Senior Account executive at Talkwalker, covering the Central and Eastern European market. With the long experience in the business, my main goal is always to look at how to eliminate the barriers between ideas and business outcomes. Born in Croatia, studied in Italy, and lived in 5 countries so far enriched me from a business and cultural point of view. I am a very big fan of sport and technology.

AI Engine

Talkwalker in Brief
The #1 Social Media Monitoring Tool

Talkwalker is your extra set of eyes and ears. Its AI-powered analysis provides real-time insights into what’s happening on all social channels and online media, across 187 languages. This enables you to quickly identify issues and complaints before a crisis hits.

Talkwalker is a listening and analytics tool that empowers brands to optimize their digital strategies by understanding conversations at scale.

Benchmark your brand and campaigns with our proven KPI frameworks. Measure sentiment and brand health. Connect social efforts to real business results and provide your management with instant reports. Compare your results to the competition, across every channel. Discover what customers really think about your brands and products in real-time.


Key Features

  • Coverage in 187 languages across 196 countries
  • 150+ million sources, blogs, forums, print, broadcast, and more
  • Access to over 20 social media channels, review, and streaming sites
  • Visual, video, and text analytics across all media


The platform also gives you access to:

  • Website analytics (Adobe Analytics/Google Analytics)
  • Customer feedback and surveys (call centre transcripts, emails, reviews, chat, etc.)
  • Transactional information (sales, customer journey, etc.)
  • Consumer data: Include internal consumer data
  • Social feedback, reviews, surveys, and search


Benefits of Talkwalker

  • Listen, Monitor and gauge your brand mentions and act on the opportunities
  • Measure and benchmark the effectiveness of your own social channels
  • Track and measure the growth of all your competitors
  • Understand owned and earned performance of your campaigns
  • Devise and optimize your content strategy
  • Monitor a crisis and evaluate the brand impact
  • Identify and track key influencers and align influencer content with messaging
  • Create unlimited reports and alerts
  • Leverage the power of Talkwalker Analytics for faster data filtering and insights
  • Create custom dashboards for your individual use case needs


For more information on Talkwalker and the webinar, contact +357 22 238 242 (Ms Evi Stavrou) or via email at

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