Handling High Risk Situations using a Risk-Based Approach

Adopting indispensable tools to help you comply with AML/CTF Regulations


Infocredit Group and ICG Middle East Commercial Services DMCC are delighted to invite you to the webinar:

“Handling High Risk Situations using a Risk-Based Approach”


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28th of July 2021, 16:00-16:30 GST, Zoom Platform 

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An indispensable tool to help you comply with AML/CTF Regulations

Aside from being a legal requirement, complying with AML regulations is a prerequisite for sustaining your business operations and protecting your company’s reputation. Adopting powerful tools such as the Risk Based Approach tool (RBA) for your KYC procedures is crucial and can significantly reduce costs for your business.

The RBA tool helps businesses to effectively monitor and classify risks based on client profiling and considers several variables including business, financial, geographical etc., with ‘high risk’ clients undergoing a higher level of AML scrutiny. It is based on a set of 6 basic steps and applies to both physical and legal entities. More precisely, it can assist a business to :

  • Perform a comprehensive, automated risk assessment of third parties
  • Identify deficiencies in AML policies and procedures
  • Make more informed decisions based on risk categorization
  • Develop risk mitigation strategies including internal controls to lower residual risk exposure
  • Perform risk parametrization based on sectoral and individual circumstances
  • Keep and audit trail

Join the discussion with our AML experts to critically understand how to implement  robust techniques to apply RBA, monitor high-risk customers, all of which must be core parts of compliance

Why Register

Join the webinar and Learn:

  • The key aspects of an effective RBA strategy
  • How the RBA tool helps your business identify risks
  • How automation can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your compliance function
  • Best practices when applying an RBA strategy
During the webinar, a live Demo of the RBA tool embedded within the AMLSuite24 Platform will be presented.

Keynote Speaker

Maria Evangelou, Business Consultant at Infocredit Group / ICG Mecos

Special Offer

Attendees to the webinar will be entitled of a 20% discount on any new subscriptions on Infocredit Group’s compliance solutions.


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