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Bridger Insight XG

Fortify screening with authoritative sanctions data and expertise.

Streamline regulatory compliance, protect your business and increase revenue.

Bridger Insight XG is a fully integrated compliance platform that enables organizations like yours to consolidate compliance processes, standardize controls and bring enterprise-wide operational consistency. Reduce the complexity and boost the efficiency of your KYC processes by accessing identity verification, screening, due diligence and fraud prevention services through a single point of entry for a consistent user experience.

By combining industry-leading filtering software with the unmatched watch list content of WorldCompliance Data, Bridger Insight XG delivers significant efficiencies to the screening processes to drive compliance cost down, increase operational capacity and reduce cycle times. Grow your global customer base faster and expedite transaction execution while protecting your organization from regulatory risk with Bridger Insight XG.

LexisNexis Bridger Insight XG – Benefits

Access unmatched sanctions perspective in a succinct summary report.

Bridger Insight XG delivers effective and efficient screening by combining a best-in-class matching algorithm with access to the industry’s most robust global screening data, powered by LexisNexis WorldCompliance Data.

With Bridger Insight XG your business can confidently:


  • Accelerate account openings
  • Simplify SWIFT, International ACH and FedWire Payment Screening
  • Support the resolution of critical BSA/AML and CIP and KYC compliance requirements
  • Mitigate risk exposure with enhanced due diligence data
  • Reduce the costs of manual reviews due to false positives
  • Fight financial crime including money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Screen BICs either manually or through API
  • Predefine parameters of each search so you can massively reduce False Positive results
  • Have unlimited number of users to whom you may assign different roles and rights
  • Batch screen and monitor while handling accordingly your relevant threshold
  • Choose each time the set of data against which you wish to screen specific clients

Batch Client onboarding & Monitoring with
reduced False Positive results!

LexisNexis Bridger Insight XG – Features

Broaden customer insights with expansive sanctions coverage.

Bridger Insight XG delivers seamless access to global sanctions and enforcement lists, extensive PEP coverage, profiled adverse media and SWIFT/BIC information from WorldCompliance Data. A single transaction request puts a wealth of U.S. and international individual and business identity data at your fingertips.

With Bridger Insight XG, you can quickly research an individual or a business from a robust enhanced due diligence perspective and help your business:


  • Comply with global regulations like OFAC, USA PATRIOT Act or the EU’s Money Laundering Directives.
  • Screen against the most comprehensive collection of risk profiles from WorldCompliance Data to enable your organization to easily and effectively implement sanctions programs with 100% coverage of publicly available sanctions lists.
  • Perform comprehensive screening against Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Structured Adverse Media and other watch lists, leveraging the in-depth financial intelligence from WorldCompliance.

Automate customer screening and accelerate your compliance workflow.

  • Bridger Insight XG delivers a user interface that is simple and easy to navigate, hence simplifying and facilitating the overall process flow.
  • Bridger Insight XG also includes powerful batch capabilities for heavy duty on-demand, scheduled or automatically triggered file processing. Every action and every function performed in Bridger Insight XG is immediately logged to maintain a fully detailed audit trail, therefore allowing your organization to know and evidence at all times who made what, how and when.
  • Meet BSA/AML, KYC, Sanctions, CIP and FCPA/AB&C compliance requirements more cost effectively with an integrated enterprise-wide process supported on Bridger Insight XG, WorldCompliance Data and the industry-leading LexisNexis solutions for Identity Verification, Fraud Prevention and Customer Due Diligence.


Long-standing strategic alliance
with LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Generate faster revenue

A more effective compliance workflow combined with fewer manual reviews and less false positives simplify the account opening from application to activation to monitoring while at the same time helps expedite the execution of wire transfers through SWIFT, International ACH and FedWire, hence keeping your resources focused on what is most important for your business: customer experience and revenue generation.


Bridger Insight XG helps protect your reputation and the bottom line.

  • Bridger Insight XG employs an innovative fuzzy-logic matching algorithm that can help you achieve significant reduction of false-positives, freeing up resources to focus on mission-critical, revenue-generating activities.
  • Bridger Insight XG is trusted by the majority of the top 25 U.S. banks and leaders across various industries and businesses from financial services, insurance, automotive, healthcare, hospitality and governments.
  • Bridger Insight XG leverages WorldCompliance Data, the industry’s most proven source of sanctions and enforcements data, to help detect and mitigate hidden reputational risks—before they have a chance to adversely affect your business. Capture new markets and maximize global growth opportunities with Bridger Insight XG.

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