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Fast and accurate generative legal AI that uniquely combines Legal Research and Practical Guidance from LexisNexis

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Leading in Legal AI

Transform your legal workflow today

AI Search That Interacts

Conversational Search


Collaborate with Lexis+ AI like you would a trusted colleague who intelligently and conversationally responds to your requests and refines answers.

AI That Drafts

Draft in Moments


Go from blank page to arguments, contract clauses, and concise client communications, all grounded in authoritative content with remarkable speed, ease, and precision.

AI That Summarizes

Accurate & Complete Summarization


Get the legal summary you need in seconds without clicking into a single search result.

AI That Analyzes

Upload Your Documents


Extract and summarize key insights from firm documents in moments.

Save time with powerful AI tols and add more value to your clients in less time with the new, secure generative AI Solutions from LexisNexis

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