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9 December 2021    |   16.30-17:30 EES   |   Zoom Platform 

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Webinar Description 

Corporate Lawyers, Legal advisors, other legal and tax professionals are faced with the pressure to achieve ‘’more’’ with far less time and sources when it comes to setting up a case, a legal analysis, or an argument. Legal research is crucial when practicing the law, at any practice area, jurisdiction or level and should not be overlooked or rushed. Though might seem simple, it is not an easy job.

Technology is changing the legal industry. Legal research is now done via online database solutions replacing the old practices (books,  contract, copies etc). These solutions allow you to reduce risk by immensely extending research capabilities but also ensure the accuracy and quality of the legal work. Now is the time to invest and find the right tech solutions for your organization!


  • What is meant by legal research?
  • Why should you invest in new legal technological solutions?
  • What type of tech solutions are available?
  • How do you choose the best solution for our needs?
  • Is it really that expensive having cutting age technology in your legal offices or departments?
  • A demo of Lexis Nexis PSL Tool
Joining this webinar, you will be informed on how Tech solutions impact your profession and how Lexis Nexis Legal solutions can advance your legal research for faster, better, and accurate results.

Lexis Nexis Legal Solutions 

Lexis Nexis offers a wide portfolio of legal resources including research and practical guidance tools via its strategic partner, Infocredit Group. These resources can assist you to work smarter and faster while gaining more in-depth knowledge on selected areas of interest and obtaining better quality analysis. Whether searching for case law, statutes, treatises or practical guidance on specific practice areas or jurisdictions, legal professionals will be able to get the support they need from an array of legal tools consisting of critical legal content, world-class research, analyses as well as exclusive precedents.

Lexis®PSL Tool in Brief

(LexisNexis UK and International database)

Get instant access to concise practice notes, precedents, forms, drafting notes, checklists, flowcharts, client-ready materials, and the latest legal developments quickly and easily. All written by LexisNexis’ in-house team of lawyers and over 500 external contributors and backed-up by direct links to the most trusted black letter law sources.

Special Offer to Participants

Attendees of the event will be entitled to a  Free Trial to Lexis Nexis PSL Tool.


Infocredit Group has been a leading provider of business intelligence and innovative solutions for over 45 years. The company provides cost-efficient, flexible solutions specialising in Compliance, Credit Risk Management,  Debt Recovery, Professional Training as well as Call Centre Services. Through its established international network of strategic partners including LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Finclude, The Chartered Governance Institute (ICSA), VinciWorks and Keesing Technologies, it aims to empower businesses with a reliable and comprehensive suite of tools which can assist them to meet their financial, legal and ethical obligations.

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