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Credit Risk Management Solutions

Reduce Your Risk Exposure and Protect Your Organization


Your Trusted Partner For Mitigating Credit Risk

Credit exposure may have detrimental effects on a company therefore it is essential that a robust approach is adopted to mitigating credit risk and establishing sound credit control policies. We provide comprehensive solutions to help you minimize your risk by evaluating and monitoring your clients as well as assessing existing or new business partners based on their creditworthiness both locally and abroad.

What You Get

  • Optimise your credit risk management function
  • Mitigate your credit exposure
  • Safer and more accurate decision-making
  • Improved payment collection processes
  • Higher performance and competitive advantage

Business Information API (API4ALL)

Coverage of 135+ Countries with millions of global company records Global PEP and Sanction datasets Financial Information

Transform your workflows and instantly access robust real-time insights including comprehensive commercial/ risk information from our local and international databases. Our API guarantees security, speed, and requires no IT support.

  • Automated processes
  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced risk exposure
  • Greater flexibility & productivity
  • Accuracy of business data


Available Data May Include The Following
Depending On The API Module:

Why Us?

Our Values

Our entire business approach surrounding our credit risk solutions is based on our core values of integrity, security, transparency, and reliability.

Unique Commercial Databases & Exclusive Data Sources

We hold comprehensive local and international databases including the largest databank in the country comprising entities registered in Cyprus in addition to our online global platform containing information on 99 million+ companies worldwide, Infocredit World, our Default Debtors Database and more.

Credit Experts

Benefit from the experience and industry-focused expertise of our credit management professionals.

Cross-Industry Expertise

Our client portfolio relating to our credit risk solutions covers almost all sectors of the economy including SMEs, banking/financial institutions, retail and wholesale trade, telecoms, insurance, professional services, government institutions and municipalities etc.

Customized Approach & Excellent Customer Service

Use our tailored solutions and receive first-rate customer care from our dedicated staff who guide you every step of the way.

Digital Transformation

Access automated business solutions designed for the digital world and achieve optimum efficiency.

Valuable Solutions That Fit Your Needs

What We Offer

Dedicated services which enhance your credit risk management procedures, preserve your business relationships and secure your liquidity.

Credit Research & Business Reports

Obtain critical business intelligence in the form of credit reports, industry analysis or relationship reports and more which examine company structures, entity relationships, operations, and financial health.

Credit Assessment & Risk Scoring

Evaluate the creditworthiness of your prospective business partners and assess their ability to honor their financial obligations, based on their transactional behavior as well as historic detrimental information (e.g. bankruptcies/ insolvencies, court orders, bounced cheques and overdue invoices).

Data Verification & Monitoring

Ensure you stay informed on all important changes affecting your clients or associates and improve your payment collection process by verifying customer data and investigating if they are linked to detrimental information.

Credit Management Consulting

Receive expert guidance and support with the process of identifying and managing all possible risks and deficiencies in your credit procedures, including internal process reviews, financial and credit risk assessments, risk adjusted performance measurement tools, report evaluations, professional training, debt management strategies among other things, depending on your needs.

eCheck360: The Pan-European PSD2(Open Banking Platform) for Consumer Creditworthiness

Transform your business decisions and obtain a comprehensive 360° view of your client’s creditworthiness, affordability, identity and financial behavior using a comprehensive set of tools relating to consumer credit.

Industry and Competitor (peer) Analysis Reports  

Attain a comprehensive review of key figures and facts of the industry, group of companies and clients/suppliers. Our reports can define your business strategies, assess your market position, and help you obtain a significant competitive advantage.

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