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Simplifying Financial Crime Prevention

Our adaptive tools offer real-time insights, granting you actionable risk intelligence throughout the customer journey. This empowers your business to make swift decisions and robustly counteract financial crime threats.

Our AML Tools, which enable your organization to confidently address regulatory challenges across various regions, fostering an intelligent and enduring compliance strategy.

As strategic partners of LexisNexis Risk Solutions, we empower organizations to confront risks such as identity theft, fraud, money laundering, and terrorism. We’re at the forefront of preventing financial crimes, insurance deceptions, and fraudulent government benefit schemes.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Access current global risk intelligence including Sanctions, PEPs, Enforcements and adverse media.

LexisNexis WorldCompliance™ Data

Synchronize your watchlist screening! Get access to the world’ largest set of data for people and companies that may pose a risk to your organization.

  • 100+ Billion requests are screened every day (PEP, Sanctions etc)
  • 50+ risk categories (i.e., sanctions, money-laundering, and PEPs)
  • Multiple data points per profile (including photos)
  • An average of 30,000 additional and 40,000 updated records each month
  • 800+ Global Sanctions and Watchlists
  • 2,5+ million profiles of PEPs and related entities
  • 35,000+ Global Adverse Media sources
  • Complies to more than 100 AML/CFT laws (including the USA Patriot Act, the EU AML Directives)
  • Batch screening options and monitoring of large third-party databases
  • Customized screening incorporating company-specific blacklists
  • Access to data using API integration

WorldCompliance Data Is Available Through:

  • LexisNexis WorldCompliance™ Online Search Tool

Optimize your financial crime compliance strategy with our LexisNexis® WorldComplianceTM Online Search Tool. Access curated data tailored to address evolving financial crime challenges in today’s global landscape.



Key Benefits:

  1. Risk Assessment: Evaluate threats from customers or businesses with insights on sanctioned entities, PEP-controlled bodies, and more.
  2. Real-time Data Access: Dive into fresh global sanctions data with enhanced multilingual search options.
  3. Detailed Risk Categorization: Benefit from insights spanning 60+ risk categories, enriched with unique identifiers such as photos and birthdates.
  4. Regulatory Adherence: Align with top-tier anti-terrorism and money laundering legislations.
  5. Efficient Documentation: Elevate your audit readiness with streamlined record-keeping processes.
  • LexisNexis Bridger Insight® XG

Elevate compliance screening with the power of LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG. Seamlessly combine identity verification, screening, fraud prevention, and due diligence, all unified on an advanced platform. Designed to optimize your KYC processes, reduce costs, and mitigate risks, Bridger Insight XG harnesses the unmatched scope of LexisNexis® WorldCompliance™ Data.


Key Benefits:

  1. All-in-One Solution: Gain a consistent user experience by accessing multiple compliance services through a singular entry point.
  2. Efficient Screening: Leverage a superior matching algorithm combined with expansive global screening data from WorldCompliance Data.
  3. Regulatory Confidence: Facilitate transaction executions, open accounts faster, and ensure compliance with essential BSA/AML, CIP, and KYC requirements.
  4. Cost and Risk Management: Minimize manual reviews, reduce false positives, and effectively combat financial crimes, including money laundering and terrorist financing.

Why Partner With Us

Industry Recognized Expertise

in global compliance data, sanctions, and media

Global Network

of partners that monitor and create daily profile of high-risk individuals and companies

Innovative Screening Technology

that helps reduce false positives

Cross-Industry Expertise

on several sectors

Long-Standing Strategic Alliance
with LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Customized And Ad-hoc Compliance Solutions

KYC Reports & Enhanced Due Diligence

Our reports provide you with powerful insights on UBO data, company information, legal sources etc allowing you to make confident decisions when entering into new partnerships/expanding your client portfolios.

AML Manuals & Consulting

Trust our CAMS experts to guide you through regulatory obligations and procedures

ID/Passport Verification

Facilitate digital onboarding by instantly verifying the validity of ID and Passport Documents. Our innovative solutions include video option and liveness checks

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