Introducing Ciphertrace

Ciphertrace, a Mastercard company, delivers scalable crypto asset intelligence solutions. Our capabilities help some of the largest banks, crypto exchanges, law enforcement and government agencies, and other financial institutions around the world to help identify and mitigate crypto risk. Powered by fully auditable and independently verified data attribution, our insights help make crypto safe and secure, while navigating ever-changing global regulations.

Our solutions ensure that the crypto economy is instilled with the same trust and peace of mind that consumers currently experience with more traditional payment methods.

CipherTrace Is A Leader In Crypto Risk Intelligence And Compliance



Monitor risky payments


Investigate financial crime


Identify money laundering


Travel Rule compliance

Virtual Entity Risk Assessment (VERA)

Risk-based evaluation of VASP’s


Crypto Risk management consulting and advisory



Anti-Money Laundering

For Exchanges, Funds and MSBs/VASPs.
Automates Cryptocurrency AML compliance with APIs to minimize legal and financial
exposure. Risk-scores Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions and informs enhanced due


Travel Rule Compliance

 For Exchanges, Funds and MSBs/VASPs.
CipherTrace helps financial organizations and cryptocurrency exchanges comply
with global “Travel Rule” regulations and Financial Action Task Force (FATF)


Financial Investigations

 For Researchers and Law Enforcement.
Powerful blockchain forensic tools—including CipherTrace Transforms for Maltego—enable investigations of criminal activity, fraud, and sanctions evasion. Visually trace the movement of money through dark channels and gain digital evidence.


Crypto Risk Intelligence

For Banks and Financial Institutions.

Comprehensive intelligence and monitoring reveals hidden crypto-asset risks. Understand new threats, block bad actors, and avoid potential future liability.


Compliance Monitoring

For Government Auditors and Banks.

Monitor risky activity, audit trends, and regulate digital asset businesses (DABs). CipherTrace’s leading monitoring technology helps ensure regulatory compliance, assess trends based on past performance, and spot suspicious activities. This allows governments to foster healthy crypto economies by attracting stable and safe DABs.


Blockchain Investigations/Education and Forensics Training

For Compliance Professionals and Forensic Investigators.

CipherTrace can provide a deeply experienced financial investigations team to help with high-value, high-profile audit, fraud and theft cases. This team also offers hands-on experience using the world’s most advanced blockchain forensics tools.

Armada Stopped £50M of Credit Card Fraud Involving Crypto
at a Top-1o US Bank.

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