Sanctions and Russia:

Are you in compliance with all recent requirements?

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“Sanctions and Russia: Are you in compliance with all recent requirements?

 Join our webinar to find out why and how your internal procedures should be aligned with your company’s structure and unique needs

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6 April 2022, 16.00-16:45 EET (Zoom Meeting) 

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Webinar Description 

Global scenery has changed rapidly over the past few weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine.

New sanctions are announced daily and organizations have to adopt and develop new internal procedures to make sure they are aware of the risks, real time.

Join our webinar for free to find out why and how your internal procedures should be aligned with your company’s structure and unique needs

  • Do you believe you have an appropriate AML program in place that fully monitors all major Sanctions?
  • Are you aware of the consequences in case your policies are not up to date?
  • Do you have an AML Manual that sets the standards for your internal procedures that need to comply with laws and regulations?

The webinar is addressed to all compliance officers from all sectors of the economy with special reference on banks/financial institutions, corporate services, law /legal firms, audit firms, gaming etc.

Join now and learn all about the new sanctions and how to develop or adjust your internal procedures to ensure that you comply with the directives!


Webinar Speakers

Theodoros Stavrou, Compliance Expert, Head of Compliance of Société Générale Bank

Sophie Ioannou, CAMS, Compliance Advisory, Cyprus Manager  

Theodoros Stavrou, Compliance Expert, Head of Compliance of Société Générale Bank

Theodoros Stavrou has studied Civil Engineering and  has a degree in Management from the Henley Management College of London. He is also a holder of a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and an Accredited Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). In 2001 he joined MOKAS, the FIU of Cyprus as an Investigator on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing cases.  Apart from his main duties as investigator and throughout the 17 years of Mr. Stavrou in MOKAS he was also the representative of Cyprus in different organizations like Europol, the MONEYVAL committee of the Council of Europe, and others. He introduced in Cyprus FIU the automated system for the submission and analysis of suspicious transactions/activities reports being the project manager of the relevant project. This system is now being used by the FIU and all obliged entities in Cyprus. Since 2017 Mr. Stavrou is working in the banking Sector Leading Compliance Departments. He is now the Head of Compliance of Société Générale Bank – Cyprus and he is the person responsible for the AML/CFT/Sanctions and Regulatory compliance of the Bank.

Sophie Ioannou, CAMS, Compliance Advisory, Cyprus Manager

Sophie Ioannou has significant experience advising on compliance matters across different industries focusing on projects which involve financial crime, AML audits and internal process reviews, risk assessments, AML manual reviews etc. As an articulate communicator on all levels, Sophie handles the accounts of local clients that need AML consulting, training, and other support about compliance. Areas of Expertise include: Regulatory Compliance, AML & CFT, KYC & Client Onboarding, Risk Based Approach and Counterfeit Documents Bio Highlights. Sophie is CAMS (2017) and AML CYSEC Standard certified expert and handles a large portfolio of clients including Banks / Financial institutions, Gaming/FX companies, Law/Audit firms and other related associations. At Infocredit Group she holds the position of the Cyprus Manager in the Compliance Advisory  whereby is responsible for developing the content for AML courses (basic and advanced level) for several clients and handles the most sophisticated AML tools (LexisNexis Solutions) as she was trained exclusively by LexisNexis personnel. Sophie is also a frequent speaker at conferences/seminars on matters relating to regulatory compliance and writes in local and international journals and magazines on AML issues. 

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