Optimise your credit risk management process

Challenges to efficient credit risk management are numerous and may include inefficient data management, the absence of a risk framework and insufficient credit risk tools. For companies doing business abroad this task becomes even more complex as they are faced with additional issues relating to the payment culture of the specific country and a lack of reliable business intelligence – not to mention the political, economic and social impact.


Despite the global financial crisis, many organisations still lack the basic processes required to actively manage credit risk resulting in payment defaults. Credit exposure may lead to enormous losses for larger companies therefore it is essential that a better approach is adopted to mitigating credit risk and establishing sound credit control policies. Addressing this need also vastly improves performance and the competitive advantage of a business.


At Infocredit Group, we offer comprehensive solutions to help you minimise your risk by evaluating and monitoring your current/potential clients as well as assessing existing or new business partners based on their creditworthiness. By using our API-integrated credit risk solutions, you can receive business intelligence obtained from official sources worldwide.


 Access everything there is to know about your customers or associates in seconds! 

Mitigating your business risk and protecting your assets is vital when entering into new business cooperations.

Our Credit Assessment reports show the creditworthiness of a company which is calculated using data accumulated in our database. The purpose of this report is to provide you with all the information required in order to assess the transactional behaviour of your prospective business partners and evaluate their ability to honour their financial obligations as they fall due.


Infocredit Group’s unique online system allows companies to evaluate their customers using data obtained from our in-house database.

Online scoring is based on data acquired from our database which includes current and historical detrimental information such as Stages of bankruptcies or Insolvencies, Bounced cheques and Overdue invoices. Through our API, our solution can be integrated with client systems (ERP and CRM) thereby reducing the time needed to verify customer data.


Infocredit Group’s Global Online Platform, InfocreditWorld, provides access to commercial and credit information on companies worldwide, through its global network.

This unique and extensive database contains information on more than 99 million companies. InfocreditWorld’s product range consists of Credit reports, Due diligence & KYC reports, Certificates & Apostille documents, Global media checks, Background screenings and more.

Use our ongoing monitoring service and receive automatic updates on all important changes affecting your clients or associates.

This sophisticated screening increases the level of security surrounding your business dealings and can warn you (by way of alerts sent via email) about transactional risks and ensure that you are protected from bad debts. Our Ongoing Monitoring service ensures that you are continuously informed about impending or recently implemented changes concerning your business partners, as well as the transactional behaviour of your clients.

Our service can help your company save money by making informed decisions as a result of gaining access to crucial data.

Maintaining an up-to-date and accurate database is a key factor in preventing the loss of business profits, which can damage your ROI. Furthermore, verifying your customers radically improves your payment collection processes. The service also investigates whether the subject in question has been listed in our Default Debtors Database with regard to Stages of Bankruptcy, Overdue Invoices, Court Orders and Bounced/Returned Cheques.

The largest and most comprehensive commercial database in Cyprus!

Our unique in-house database includes information retrieved from a number of official and public sources and offers an insight into a company’s structure, registration details, activities and financial health. The database contains information on all entities registered at the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver including, Companies, Business names, Partnerships, Overseas Companies registered in Cyprus.

The Data Exchange system aims to promote transparency in the transactional behaviour of debtors through the exchange of information between companies that have the same or similar clientele.

General sector observations include a cyclical trend of bad debts, debtors maintaining unreasonably high balances with multiple suppliers, lack of accurate and objective information regarding debtors, a substantial increase in bad debts as well as a weakness of the legal framework in protecting unsecured creditors.

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